Friday, July 1, 2011

Biztalk Error X2044 : symbol Object is already defined; the first definition is in assembly c:\###.dll

Yesterday I was hacing an error  in Biztalk 2010  ,

symbol '###' is already defined; the first definition is in assembly c:\###.dll , in my case it was saing that a porttype is alrdeay defined, so what how to fix these kind of issues in biztalk. error x2044

  1. Open the orchestration in Notepad (In my case SchoolOrchestration.odx)

  2. find (Ctrl+F) for “#endif // __DESIGNER_DATA”

  3. Delete all the code below that line

  4. Save your file in Notepad

  5. Say yes when Visual Studio asks if you want to update your file

  6. Recompile

that's it .

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  1. Hi,

    I got same error, did same thing now build is success but when I deploy project, orchestration is not getting deployed.


  2. HI Raju,
    try to stop (full stop ) your application and then stop the host instance of biztalk and deploy the project.

  3. Hi,

    I had the same issue as well - Not even sure why this happened?

    I tried stopping host instance and redeployed the solution. It is still missing my orchestrations?


  4. Hi,
    is your solution build successfully ?
    what error is showing when you deploying the orchestration ?
    Stop the host instance + stop your application from biz talk administration by right click and choose full stop and try to deploy it again

  5. I found my issue. 1 of my message type's name (variable) is named as the second part of the namespace.
    Message Name = XXX
    Schema's namespace is http://ZZZ.YYY.XXX
    I renamed the message name to another name and it fixes it.


  6. Be careful with this fix - it fixed the immediate problem but subsequently the orchestration could not be deployed sucessfully.

  7. I did not have any deployment issue after fixing in same way.

  8. Jin, thank you very much !! it worked for me